OEM/ODM Cylindrical Grinder Machine Services by PROMA

PROMA MACHINERY CO., LTD. takes great pride in being a leader in grinding machine technology and the ultimate partner for brand OEM/ODM manufacturing. We specialize in manufacturing CNC cylindrical grinding machines and providing customized grinding solutions that precisely meet our customers' needs. Our machines are renowned for their innovative design, exceptional rigidity, precision, efficiency, and outstanding quality.

PROMA will persistently uphold excellence, offering customers top-notch manufacturing services, and ceaselessly endeavoring to enhance our technical expertise and service levels.
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Research and Development Capability

We not only offer OEM manufacturing of CNC cylindrical grinder machines according to customer requirements but also provide ODM solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether it involves designing from scratch or enhancing existing designs, our extensive experience and expertise enable us to deliver custom solutions that perfectly align with unique requirements.

Professional Expertise

As a global pioneer in grinding machine technology development, we proudly possess key grinding technologies and serve as a manufacturing partner for several renowned brands. We fully grasp the significance of grinding technology in the realm of precision machining. With our advanced R&D team and technical experts, we are committed to continuous innovation and the enhancement of our technical capabilities. Through ongoing research and development efforts, we strive to improve the performance and efficiency of cylinder grinding machines, catering to the market's ever-growing demand for high-quality products.

Quality Management

Our stringent quality control processes encompass meticulous QC inspections at every stage, from material selection to the production process. Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering high-quality machines that perfectly align with our customers' requirements. Moreover, we place great emphasis on maintaining delivery schedules and ensuring supply stability to facilitate the seamless execution of our customers' production plans.