The table, headstock, machine base, and carriage are all made of high strength FC-30~FC-35 castings. The guideways are constantly being lubricated by a hydrodynamic hydrostatic lubrication system to reduce drag between components and improve part finish.


Wheel Head

The wheelhead spindle is designed with hydrodynamic bearing and is made of Ni-CR-Mo alloy for superior strength and maximum grinding finish.

The wheelhead and carriage are lubricated by a hydrodynamic hydrostatic lubrication system. The spindle and spindle motor utilize an indirect design to avoid strain on the motor.



Headstock RPM is infinitely variable thru use of a frequency motor. Re-positioning is made easy thru the use of an air assist devise mounted on the bottom of the wheelhead. A spring driven trip dog is used to insure smooth start up and rotation of the workpiece. S40 & M60 models use live and dead centers. The L85 uses a rotating center.



The FANUC CNC-controller is applied to develop the roll grinding process automatically. The system is configured with a humanized operation panel for user Which made the grinding operation became easy and precision. All the operator need to do just call a cutting program from memory to performed the grinding sequentially.

The crown grinding is also easy to get which include base arc curve SINE curve COSINE curve CVC curve and combined arc curve. The camber values was assigned by the program. The system have integrated a net function for output & input Of the data of the cutting & the parameter of machine or maintenance.


Tailstock re-positioning is made easy thru the use of an air assist devise mounted on the bottom of the tailstock.

Work piece alignment is done via tailstock adjustment. The diamond wheel dresser is mounted on side of the tailstock for easy access. An optional revolving 4-jaw chuck tailstock is available for extremely heavy work pieces.

Tailstock 4 Jaws
Controller UI
Combine Curve
Sine Curve
Cvc Curve