M-TYPE CNC Cylindrical Roll GrinderProduct

Equipped With Measuring Device

PROMA M-TYPE CNC Cylindrical Roll Grinder Machine


Max. swing over tableØ600mm

Max. distance between c.c.3M, 4M, 5M, 6M

Max. weight of workpiece4,000kg

Max. O.D. groundØ600mm

Rang of grinding dia.Ø15 ~ Ø600

Specifications sheet

DRIVE by varied frequency motor which offer the headstock varied speed widely. AIR-DYNAMIC DEVICE on the bottom of the headstock for easy to move it. SPRING DRIVEN-DOG to ensure the workpiece to get smooth running.

All the HEADSTOCK & FRONT BASE, Carriage are cast in high strain casting up to FC30~FC35. Ribs of the base are designed with cellform to get stability and rigidness. The guideway are lubricated by hydrodynamic and static lubrication-system to get smooth motion and low friction occur between base and table.

PROMA M-TYPE Roll Grinding Machine